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Creating Voxel Games in Modern Browsers

Tekhne Today

If you’ve ever done any programming in JavaScript or Coffee-script, you’ve probably heard of Three.js, or at least heard the name.

What is Three.js? Three.js is a JavaScript library that helps you make WebGL based games. It takes the hundreds of lines of code you would normally need to make WebGL objects, and simplifies it into easy-to-use objects and functions, such as ‘var cube =new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material );‘.

Now of course you could go and write your own Voxel engine to make a Voxel game in Three.js, but why not use an existing engine instead of writing it all yourself? Voxel.js is a JavaScript Voxel Engine, written on-top of Three.js.

Since it is written on Three.js, that means that is has all the features, power, and performance Three.js has (for better or for worst). Now on-top of being having…

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Megabots – robotic tech for entertainment

Megabots showing off their latest work, which is also starting up on Kickstarter and has serious interest/backing from Autodesk.   An engineering match made in heaven.  Only a turret so far, but tracks are on the way and walking is in the plan.

On a technical note: We’ve already started combing through the research paper they are using to help make it walk.  Doesn’t seem there is any reference to gyroscopic stabilisation beyond managing poses to keep things steady, so this should be interesting.