Creating Voxel Games in Modern Browsers

Tekhne Today

If you’ve ever done any programming in JavaScript or Coffee-script, you’ve probably heard of Three.js, or at least heard the name.

What is Three.js? Three.js is a JavaScript library that helps you make WebGL based games. It takes the hundreds of lines of code you would normally need to make WebGL objects, and simplifies it into easy-to-use objects and functions, such as ‘var cube =new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material );‘.

Now of course you could go and write your own Voxel engine to make a Voxel game in Three.js, but why not use an existing engine instead of writing it all yourself? Voxel.js is a JavaScript Voxel Engine, written on-top of Three.js.

Since it is written on Three.js, that means that is has all the features, power, and performance Three.js has (for better or for worst). Now on-top of being having…

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