Flywheel Energy Storage – A Research Paper Overview


I came across this paper that gives a good summary (Dr. Magdi Ragheb, Univ. of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, 2013) of some of the issues on using mechanical storage of energy.  There are a few overlaps with design considerations for gyroscopic stabilisation systems.  For example a careful choice of material for various parts of the flywheel will prevent delamination or disintegration of such a system.  Related design constraints include material for tensile strength, but also for weight, for efficiency and effectiveness of a flywheel system – and gyroscopic stabilisation system – depend on both weight and rotational speed.

This paper shows some of those considerations and includes a short table comparing the various materials that are in use today and gives a brief overview of magnetic bearings.

Material choices for flywheel construction

We aim to cover more on this topic of material selection in a future post.



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