Mech is for Mechanical


The mechanical component category is somewhat arbitrary here, but think of it as the locomotion system. Maybe servos, hydraulic cylinders, motors or other actuators. Along with these end points there is all the wiring/plumbing required to keep it operating.

Some parts will also connect with the power system (pumps, motors, batteries) while others will be fasten to the chassis.

In our design we also include stabilisation system, gyroscopes to be precise (Control Moment Gyros to be even more precise). These will be central to getting our mech off the ground and keeping it upright.

Tying all the mechanics together will be electrical systems, hoses and sensors upon sensors.

All the concepts around locomotion are fundamental to the mechanical component design. It is also the part we’ve already spent the most time researching so far, so we will be covering more on it very soon.


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