Chassis Considerations


The system of support within a vehicle is its chassis. This includes the structural elements (frame) but may also include body, suspension and other devices that help with stabilisation or movement (I.e. joints and conduits).

The main consideration to be made is what kind of material to use for the frame elements. This is another one of those weight consideration topics mentioned earlier.

How much will it weigh? And how much weight can it hold?

It may be unclear, early on, what will weigh more – your power system or the chassis and body. Obviously, stronger material will support higher weights. Likewise, the stronger the material, the less material may be needed.

We’ll discuss more about weights of specific materials later on, but you can easily look up weight per square cm of particular thicknesses online.

Finally, you will also need to consider the workability of the material – how easily you can build with it. Paper is easiest, railroad track not so easy! Will you need a plasma cutter or just a welder? What kind of hoist or building environment will you require?

2013-11-04 16.47.22For our project we will be looking to large industrial machines for hints – so likely some sort of plate steel will be preferred, though it will be a wee bit heavier than aircraft aluminium!

More to come…


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