I’ve just added this to my Resources page, but wanted to also post it here with some images.  These three projects alone, are inspiration enough to pursue work of this magnitude.  These are my robotics heroes… hats off to you guys!
Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata, inventor of the giant "Kuratas" robot, climbs out of its cockpit at an exhibition in Tokyo
Kogoro Kurata built his Kuratas robot via Suidobashi Heavy Industrial – it’s mainly an art vehicle, four wheels, but beautiful design and fun.  They also aim to do a walking biped!  Diesel and hydraulic powered.  Image from Reuters article here.

Daniel Kim started Lit Motors to create the C-1 – self balancing, enclosed motor cycle.  Entering production!  Gyroscopic balancing system is core! Image from Forbes article here.

Mantis Robot – brilliantly engineered walking hexapod (6 legs). Diesel and hydraulic powered.  Image from Gizmag article here.


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